Leadership Opportunities

Call for Nominations TSSA Board of Directors

Deadline:June 16, 2017

Serving on the Texas Self Storage Association Board of Directors is a rewarding and challenging leadership opportunity. Three facility owner/owner representative positions are open this year, as well as one vendor representative position (nominated by vendors only). 


Scroll down for FAQs.

Nominate another member who you believe would do a good job of representing your interests, as well as the interests of the industry as a whole, or...simply nominate yourself.  You can nominate up to three owners or owner agent candidates for consideration.

TSSA vendor/supplier members
will nominate and elect their own representative to fill one position on the board.  If you are a VENDOR member, read more about the vendor representative election here.


Not Quite Ready for Board Service? Consider a TSSA Committee
If you're not quite ready to commit to service on the TSSA Board, consider volunteering on a committee for a year. Most meetings take place via conference call. We think you'll find this leadership opportunity a rewarding experience.

Learn about TSSA's committees, or go ahead and volunteer now. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Board Service:

What kind of a commitment are we talking about? How long would I serve?
Terms for owner representatives are for three years, commencing in September. The vendor position is a one-year position. 

Are directors compensated for their service?
No. All board positions are voluntary, and directors do not receive compensation, though travel expenses for meetings are reimbursed and other meeting expenses paid for by the Association.

How much time does it take?

This true working board spends time each month on association governance, but the amount of time varies greatly depending on the issues at hand. Time involved could range from as little as 15 minutes to several hours a month, but is typically less rather than more unless a special circumstance occurs.  Directors are also expected to attend four regular full-day board meetings a year, plus an annual planning session, as well as the annual conference.  We also understand that your first priority is your business, and are cognizant of time constraints.  We use electronic methods or conference calls when appropriate.

Is everyone who is nominated put on the ballot?

Board ballot nominees complete a simple questionnaire, and the TSSA Nominating Committee will review the forms for all nominees and make a recommendation to the TSSA Board of Directors regarding inclusion on the ballot or slate.  Nominees may be invited to serve on a short-term task force or standing committee first to demonstrate commitment to the organization.

More questions?
  Email Ginny Sutton, TSSA Executive Director, or call 1-888-259-4902