Round Table Discussions are a great way to increase your knowledge. 
Monday, October 10 3:45 - 5 PM
Tuesday, October 11 10:45 AM - 12 PM
Waterway Ballroom

1. Five Must Know Marketing Metrics   
Christopher Baird, Automatit
Discuss common strategies self-storage operators use to maximize results from all their marketing channels. Learn the five most important metrics you should be measuring, how to track them, and how to convert them into more rentals. 

2. Profit for the Digital Age: Three Simple Ideas to Start Using Today 
Sebastian Sweeney, SiteLink
Learn ways to reduce costs by going paperless. Increase occupancy with online lead generation/tracking, and increase income with tenant Insurance and rate management services.

3. Revenue > Occupancy: Are you Focused on the Wrong Metric?
If you want to make more money per square foot, it’s time to focus more on revenue than occupancy. See real-life examples of how customers will not move out when rent increases. 

4. The Start Kit: Technology for New Facilities
Connor Boyle, storEDGE
An overview of technologies for choosing a website provider, payment processing options, and keypad/lock options, adding gate software, management software, digital lead generation tools, wireless security, customer kiosks or unmanned features.

5a. Choose Your Own App! Tech Tool and App Exchange (Monday Only)
Beth Ziesenis, Your Nerdy Best Friend
Many of us have our favorite time-saving, productivity-increasing, rear-kicking technology secrets. In this lively, interactive discussion, attendees will have the opportunity to introduce their favorite technology tools to their colleagues. Together the group will build a unique list of the most popular apps for our industry. 

How to Generate Additional Revenue in a Time of Highly Occupied, Non-Expandable Facilities (Tuesday Only)      

Blake Robinson, Janus International
Relocatable storage units have become a growing trend in static storage and can be a ready solution for operators who have no room to expand or wherever municipal restrictions are limited. This session will discuss relocatable units and how they add value to the property as well as profits to the bottom line.

6. Ability to Rent a Self-Storage Unit Online 
Jeanne Dotson, The Storage Group
It is important that your website have the functionality to rent or reserve a unit online. Learn ways to embrace this technology to allow your customers to shop for storage units when it is convenient for them from any device.

7. SEO/Web Marketing/Social Media/Mobile Phone Era 
Ken Turley, Easy Storage Solutions
This is a discussion on the importance of having a web presence and what an owner/manager can be aware of when it comes to getting ranked on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of using social media to market self storage and the use of mobile phones to rent units online!

8. Can Reducing Clicks Increase Your Revenue? 
Christina Powell, G5
We will explore common mistakes that reduce your website conversions and easy solutions to help increase your online leases. Speak with industry experts about how to create a painless online buying experience for your customers, allowing you to influence your leads to commit—and become customers.

9. Anatomy of a Self-Storage Startup: What Roadmap is Right for You?
Mike Castleman, Castlerock Interests, LLC
Are you attending the conference for the first time to explore this thing called Self Storage? You may be a veteran tire kicker unsure of how to launch an effort into this space. This session is a review of one individual’s journey from ‘hearing about it’ to ‘wondering about it’ to ‘researching it’ and finally to ‘doing something about it.’

10. Texas Investment Market: Boiling Hot or Cooling Down? 
Brandon Karr, Marcus & Millichap
We will discuss, describe and provide illustrations related to the marketplace conditions for Class A deals, certificate of occupancy ("C of O") deals, secondary and tertiary market deals, etc. Additionally, we’ll discuss our prognosis for 2017 with the upcoming election and debt coming due on 10 year mortgages taken out in 2007. 

11. Understanding the Real Estate Cycle 
The Argus Team, Argus Self Storage Sales Network
This discussion will explain how each sector of real estate, including self-storage, follows a fairly predictable cycle which is influenced by several key criteria (e.g. supply & demand changes). Additionally, we will discuss with roundtable attendees their individual sub-markets and determine where they currently are on the cycle.

12. Metrics of Greatest Impact on Facility Value
John Owens, KW Commercial Self Storage Advisors
Learn more about the various metrics/measures affecting the value of a self-storage facility, revenue management and real estate taxes as well as the impact they have on the current and long-term value of a facility.  

13. Protecting Your Investment 
Mellisa Ray, Mellisa Ray Insurance Agency
We will cover insuring self-storage properties, loss control, possible risks and coverages to protect your property, investment and income from self-insured exposure.

14. Disaster Recovery: Lessons Learned from All Star Storage      
JoLea Pingelton, All Star Storage
All Star Storage flooded in May 2016 when the Brazos River rose to historic levels in Fort Bend County. We learned valuable lessons through trial and error and want to help others in our industry prepare.

15. The World of Protection Plans 
Scott Lane, Deans & Homer
This discussion is on protection plans and tenant insurance, where are they going, where did they come from and why. We will show the pros and cons of both products.

16. Estate, Insurance and Retirement Planning 
John McPherson, DMI Wealth Management & Insurance Solutions
We will discuss the importance of the following: crafting a Will, DNR and POA; using life insurance and long-term care insurance to protect your business; and effective retirement planning solutions (Retirement Plans to Life Insurance)

17. Revenue Management
Monty Rainey, RPM Storage Management LLC
This will be a discussion on how small operators can set up proven methods of revenue management including the correlation between occupancy, rent rates and rent increases, and how the smaller operators can compete. 

18. Best Business Practices to Maximize Storage Profits 
Robert Loeb, SurePoint Self Storage
Discover the top 6-8 ideas that create success in our business. Learn from what has worked for other operators.

19. What to Expect in Case of a Fire
Denise Bowley, Grow Your Storage
One of our facilities lost 26 units to a building fire. We experienced a wide range of local government control of our business. We learned what the insurance companies ask for and are now in the process of demolish and cleanup. We will share a checklist of steps for fire disaster recovery.

20. Sales: A Pillar of Success 
Cody Reynolds, National Storage Solutions Management LLC
Learn five simple strategies to close a sale, key techniques to overcome objections and identify a customer’s needs.  

21. Key Elements to Develop or Expand Your Property 
Timothy Thornton, L Squared Engineering
Find out the five key elements that should be reviewed to determine if a site is able to be developed or expanded, including the access, water, sewer, drainage and platting/zoning. We will walk through potential site developments and discuss pitfalls and the benefit of a thorough site evaluation.

22. Are Collections a Constant Problem for You? 
Chris Martin, Ideal Self Storage
Learn proven techniques to help curtail those late-paying tenants and increase your bottom line. We will dive into strategies ranging from old fashioned courtesy calls, to the latest technology tools on the market. Learning to set timeline standards is key, and implementing these policies in your day to day operations will nip those pesky collections problems and help you stay ahead of the curve.  

Maintaining and Repairing a Facility (Monday Only)
Dean Ballard, Ballard Contracting & Consulting
Whether you have a small facility or a super-sized one, the maintenance and upkeep is the first impression potential customers will have and is a direct reflection on you and your team. We will discuss the need for a comprehensive maintenance program and the use of inspection checklist specific for your facility.

23.b. Financing in the New Normal (Tuesday Only)
Dana Deason, Deason Financial Group
Learn how the “new normal” set up fabulous opportunities for the self-storage business and how to use financing strategies to make more money. We’ll touch on new construction, refinancing, acquisition and permanent financing.

24. 2017 Property Taxes: How to Deal with Them 
Jay Kanter, Realty Tax Consultants
In this discussion, you will learn the do’s and don’ts of a property tax protest, what changes you should make to reduce your taxes, how to set up a good Equity Analysis, and more! 

25. Unit Mix 101
Mark Skeans, Skeans & Associates LLC
In this discussion, you will learn how the market affects unit mix percentages, trends in climate controlled and ambient units, flexible building designs, including mini offices, and much more! 

26. Problem Customer? Just BLAST 'em!
Ann Parham, Joshua Management Corps
Learn a unique way to deal with problem customers, just BLAST them. B - Believe, L - Listen, A - Accept, S - Solve, T - Thank. It really does work, come discover how.