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Building Customer Loyalty

Feb 04, 2016

Life can be hard sometimes. But when someone goes out of their way to lend you a hand in your time of need, it sticks with you. They didn't do it because they had to, or because they expected something in return. They did it because their humanity kicked in and propelled them to empathize with you and your situation.

An Apple employee saw a mom and her autistic son on the floor of the store after her son had run hard into the glass wall and bounced off. He was crying and the mother was trying to comfort her son. The employee got down on the floor to help, a gesture that really resonated with the mother.

While the boy was distracted by the people walking by the store, the employee completed the transaction on the floor and even put the case on the iPad. The mom was very grateful for his compassion and for helping her help her son.

Although it probably wasn't the employee's intent, he most likely converted that mom into an Apple fan if she wasn't already.

Going that extra mile for someone or showing compassion during their time of need can not only help a situation, but also lead to life-long customers.

In a world of Yelp Reviews, websites, online rentals and Facebook, business still boils down to relationships.

How are you going out of the way to help your customers? They may be moving, deploying, divorcing, or going through some other stressful situation in their lives. How can you make the process easier for them?

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